YouTube Go: Application that allows to download videos on your Android device!


In September, Google pledged You Tube Go application that will let you download videos from the most popular video platform on your phone or tablet. Finally, a special beta version of the application of certain places

The application is suitable for use in places where there is insufficient coverage of your 3G / 4G and videos you can not see. Also, with its help you can save a lot of money for watching YouTube videos on your devices can be really expensive, if not on WiFi. In this way you may already have downloaded videos before leaving home and watch them whenever you want without the need of Internet.

Today, Google has introduced a beta version of the application, but only for users in India as the country with the slowest Internet, and the most expensive payments. Go to YouTube can download two types of videos for Basic and Standard quality. Unfortunately, no HD option. But on the other hand, thanks to the fact that no videos in high quality, the application is very small, does not take place and quickly withdrawn.

Would you downloaded if available to us?