World places which it is almost impossible to get in

world places in which it is almost impossible to get In fact, in the coolest places on the planet is not even representative of the Rothschild dynasty.


Today’s world is open to any traveler. You can go out of their country, even the world’s end. Touch the penguin, drink mulled wine under the northern lights, plunge into the dangerous waters of the Caribbean – would be money. However, since the situation is only from the outside. In fact, in the coolest places on the planet is not even representative of the Rothschild dynasty.


Secret underground, the existence of which is officially confirmed a few years ago. According to rumors, the length of track Metro 2 exceeds the length of a conventional underground. This underground road, among other things, connects all the main buildings of Moscow.

Secret Vatican Archives

In 1881, Pope Leo XIII formally recognized the existence of the Vatican Secret Archives. Secrets of the past can be studied by scientists chosen, however, to do so will not be easy: a hundred kilometers long underground entirely forced by racks and long-Index lost.

Sentinel Island

One of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, inhabited by a tribe Sentinelese people. They reject all contact with the outside world and aggressively meet the aliens. The last attempt to attach the natives to civilization undertaken involuntarily ordinary fishermen: January 26, 2006, near the shore drift boat, fired from the shore of the Bow – two sailors were killed.

Military factory 

This closed town located in the Republic of Bashkortostan. On it is still a lot of rumors: it allegedly held secret experiments with nuclear energy – and maybe it is simply located the mysterious Russian treasure vault. Anyway, the entrance to the city is closed to all but its residents.

Mount Ueter

Nothing to do with the management of the weather – but who can know for sure. Center Mount Ueter is the main shelter senior US officials. It is here that the president will hide in case of nuclear attack.


Surtsey is a volcanic island, located off the southern coast of Iceland. It was formed by a volcanic eruption – it began in 1963 and ended No one allowed on the island in 1967. An only exception is a small group of scientists who have for several years now investigate the anomaly.

Zone 51

On this strange territory, legends go for a long time. In part, to blame the US government itself – no precise answers to the question why it was necessary military base in Nevada, journalists do not get now fifty years old. Many conspiracy theory adherents believe that this is where UFO landed – but it is likely a large part of humanity finds a very long time.