World alarm: Apocalypse threatens the planet: from April we will stay without this

South Africa’s Cape Town is the first metropolis in which the pipes will completely dry out already in April; many more multimillion cities are in danger
The long-awaited rain fell yesterday in the South African city of Cape Town, which was marked by a street dance.
However, this rain is not enough to save this city with four million inhabitants of the announced apocalypse – Cape Town will remain without drinking water in April.
The situation in this metropolis in South Africa is terrible for three years. However, the situation in Cape Town is only one of the extreme examples of water scarcity that is threatening all of our planets, and it is expected that in the coming decades this will lead to real wars for water, both locally and globally.
– Water costs will occur in places where the situation is already strained, – Sputnik Governor Lal, a water management expert from Colombia, has warned.
Despite the fact that water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, drinking water is not as much as anyone thinks – only three percent create fresh water.
United Nations projections show that global demand for fresh water by 2030 will exceed costs by 40%.
Scientists warn that Cape Town is just the tip of the iceberg, but with similar situations, other cities like Beijing, Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Cairo, Jakarta, Moscow, Istanbul, London …
The most endangered cities:
11. Sao Paolo, Brazil
21.7 million inhabitants
12. Bangalore, India
12.3 million inhabitants
13. Beijing, China
21.5 million inhabitants
14. Cairo, Egypt
9.5 million inhabitants
15. Moscow, Russia
11.9 million inhabitants
16. Istanbul, Turkey
15.3 million inhabitants
17. Mexico City, Mexico
21 million inhabitants
18. London, United Kingdom
8.8 million inhabitants
19. Tokyo, Japan
38 million inhabitants
10. Miami, USA
5.5 million inhabitants


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