Why aliens do not come into contact with people?


The number of planets that might harbor life, grows not even every year, and with each passing week. And so the probability of the existence of life in the universe is growing weekly. Even the most optimistic forecasts in the plan, which was put forward SETI experts, specialists in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, now seem deeply pessimistic: we are so pleased with this plan a reality that we know. On the other hand, it is a huge, almost infinite abundance of conditions for life in the universe simultaneously coexists with the fact that the universe is silent. And this paradox, which I do not consider a paradox, of course, requires an explanation.

I explain this simple reason: there is no reason to. The presence of extraterrestrial life does not mean that they are interested in contact with us or with any abstract aspiring militant civilization. These three adjectives perfectly describe us as a cosmic civilization. I will try to clarify on domestic examples. Adequate, peaceful adults (professors or intellectuals), living in an ordinary house, will not rush to contact and make friends with some yard teenage gang that does not live according to the laws of universal being, not according to the laws of humanity and by the rules. Here in this simple example, it is clear that adult intelligence, which can be compared with developed cosmic civilizations, is clearly not out to make friends or anything to do with the yard go potty, which we are on a cosmic scale. It may come down to communication attempts to soft power. Remember Strugatsky with their “Progresserstvom”. But then again, the practice of pedagogy shows that give knowledge to children and young people is inhumane, because they are in such a case, do not appreciate this knowledge. Teenagers should roughly fill the cones themselves, and only if their experience allows them to exist, both individually and in terms of an entire civilization. So there is no contact with the “adults” of civilization means to me is that these civilizations treat us humanely. They give us the chance to develop their own.

One can cite as an example the contacts of different civilizations, European conquistadors, and the Indians less developed. It is also a kind of model of interaction between the two civilizations, at various levels. We remember how it ended, and contacting in such a scenario is detrimental. If someone does not want to ruin civilization, even adolescent, the best way not to spoil – no contact at all. Some point, imperceptible progressor skied shocks are possible, but at the moment any contact which means the mutual transfer of some knowledge (as well as humanity in the last century, refers to the knowledge we know), any knowledge, unfortunately with success sends to the killing of their own kind, and currently dissimilar. We kill everything. When given the opportunity to fly in the sky – there was an air gun, air force, came the knowledge of nuclear reactors – we have the atomic bomb. First of all, we have always practiced the acquired knowledge on the weapon. Respectively, to receive now, some more advanced knowledge, is to risk ourselves. With high probability, we can do with this knowledge to destroy itself. If someone we have not valued and used as cheap labor in any negative way, as the Europeans have used the Indians, they would not bother moral principles. it would have ended very, very sad, perhaps sadder than it ended for the Indians. Because of the Indians and became extinct at least 90% after such contact, but they at least survived. Remain whether we live, if we get our hands on some more powerful forces and capabilities – it’s a big question. We barely survived the acquisition of knowledge about nuclear reactions. How bitter joke experts on the subject: “The lack of contact is the best proof of the existence of the mind in the universe.” If reasonable (human, to be exact) of civilizations was not, then the question with the contact would not be a question.

Contacts can be in different scenarios and from different civilizations with different goals, but since this topic is a burning, Do not enslave us, or whether we will destroy other civilizations – thanks to Hollywood, he has shown in all colors of these options. Previously we just dreamed of aliens enslave, rape, eat and destroy, but make sure those who live on other planets, dream eat us. Soviet science fiction, it should be noted, belonged to the objectives of other civilizations are much more humane. But we caught up with America and almost overtaken, I allude to recent movies that have come out in our hire. For example, the invasion of Chertanovo, where aliens arrive to destroy the district of Moscow. This whole scenario comes from our childhood fears – The Fog and others will certainly want it us, although there are many other children, but every child is sure The Fog wants to eat his name. In this sense, these ideas fully consistent with children’s fears: in spite of the fact that the universe is almost endless and, probably, the number of civilizations is enormous, of course, that our civilization is of interest in terms of gastronomy. But imagine that we come to taste the creatures that live on the other end of the universe, to say the least, illogical.

For one statement I can vouch, because it meets all the scientific criteria, it is tested for centuries, perhaps for millennia. This statement refers to the fact that we have no one in the universe does not want to destroy. I think from a scientific point of view it is absolutely proven truth on the basis that if someone wanted to, then for thousands of years it would have done successfully many times and with a guarantee. And the fact that you and I exist and have the opportunity to rant proves that we are in the universe to destroy or enslave anybody does not want to. This does not mean that none of the aggressive civilizations in the Universe. This means that aggressive civilization is thin enough. Here is an example of our civilization: we are aggressive, we are very warlike. From the perspective of an outside observer, we are absolutely aggressive. If the output ratio of aggressiveness, we have it equal to 100%. I say this on the basis that by studying our gastronomic preferences, found, unfortunately, that in the world there were not one other species, which we had not eaten or destroyed in commercial scale. Roughly speaking, if you imagine yourself in some fantastic scenarios that somewhere held a meeting on the topic “Can I contact this civilization?”, Then I would place these wise aliens said: “Dear! This species, which calls itself the Homo Sapiens or “Earthlings”, kills and eats everything. Everything that moves. Including, by the way, and their own kind. ”

If we assume that this species eats only certain animals and not touch, protects and respects most of the others, then this is an option. In such a civilization aggressiveness factor would be, say, 0.1%. But there are no exceptions. And this means that there is no guarantee that when appears on the horizon of any other species, people will not consider them as the object of aggression. Maybe not as food, but certainly there are perverts who want to devour them. But most importantly, guarantees neither you nor I nor a thinking person, even if someone is a pacifist and a staunch vegetarian, can not give, because we are talking about dealing with all of us like a civilization that can not as a civilization to ensure that we will be treated with respect for the principle of “do not do to others what you would not like to do unto you.” That our civilization can not guarantee, can guarantee just the opposite (well, I can guarantee).

And the last question is that such contact is timely: even if we assume that someone would risk despite all the arguments voiced by (and this is only the most significant), nothing intelligent will work. Even among cannibals and criminals are convinced pacifist who goes to them and tries to somehow get in touch and help from altruistic purely human motives. Therefore, one would expect that, although we are afraid of and how underdeveloped warlike civilization, but certainly there are those who dare to come down to us and try to hold us educational and volunteer work on the principle of progressors. I am absolutely convinced that somewhere there would necessarily such a boundless space. And my question is that with us as a civilization can not be contacted. In the sense that you arrive/come to some kind of organization or society to formally contact. You are applying to seek an official guide, the one who represents the power in a given society. In this sense, our civilization is nobody. No one would dream of, having arrived on the planet, to establish official contact with a single country. On our planet, they’re more than two hundred. There are irreconcilable movements, which are not formalized as a country. There are organizations that consider themselves free from the shackles of politics. In short, the movements, the countries that are hostile to each other, according to conservative estimates we have from 300 to 500 on the planet. With any of them to contact? By the way, less restrained presidents begin to suspect others of other civilizations contacts. And I’m not kidding. I’m almost quoting some foreign policy analysts. For example, in the British Parliament, some MPs seriously believe that the power of Putin, because of he, unlike American presidents, is in contact with more powerful civilizations. I emphasize, I am not joking and almost quoted the British parliamentarians.

The main point I want to convey: the planet is no single body that would have led our civilization. The only candidate for this role – it is the United Nations. And I must say it was this organization that many supporters of the UN – representative of all earthlings, so many opponents. I recall that recently the UN finally tried to enter a post responsible for contacts with cosmic civilizations. I’m dead serious, stress. Yes, now this post is not in demand, but if tomorrow something will happen and need to be responsible, to be able to turn to. Many debated whom to make responsible. But officials at the UN came as officials usually do: they chose among their midst, not a scientist, not Karla Sagan, not astrophysicists. We chose a woman clerk. But very soon she recused himself, rightly understanding that it will not pull such a role if again it was not a decorative role, which was not done for fun, and for a great purpose. So that the first attempt is made, but better luck next time, that is now the officially responsible person does not have.

As a civilization, as the politicians say, we are incapable of reaching an agreement. Negotiate with whom. It is necessary to agree, it is necessary to speak, can be any private contacts to make that certain extraterrestrial civilizations in private and do. Periodically, we receive various rumors on this subject, even if much of it fiction and unconfirmed stories, but I admit that is a small part of the truth. However, it is fundamentally in our issue does not change anything, since we are talking about the official contact, but it is absolutely not contrary to the specific. On the possibility of official contact yet, and the reason for this lies in us. Again, all these reasons are not fundamental when it comes to private contacts. Private contacts, they certainly do and will be engaged as long as the will in such a kind of quarantine or ignore. But this condition can last as long as you want, as long as there are not eliminated our cons. Our civilization must become aggressive in from peaceful: we must not pose a threat to those who arrive in contact with us, you do not have to. The degree of aggression of our civilization should be reduced. Our civilization must become negotiability, have some common body that will be responsible for all and any influence on the thugs.

And there are two other options when a contact becomes available. Or the two previous conditions are met, or we can listen to the cosmic interplanetary negotiations. A cosmic Internet. If we will be available to other people’s conversations, we willy-nilly all learn and become parties to the communication. This can be compared with the fact that even if the most frostbitten get access to the Internet, they are, at least, witnessing such dialogue and learn that around them a lot of other users. Another thing, if it is misbehaving, it banned or will be ignored: there is no obligation to communicate and to lisp with underdeveloped go potty, even on the Internet, where it poses no threat. If communication is not interesting – it will not work. Trimmed contact is possible if we achieve this technically. By this I do not mean the radio: experience has shown that we are more than half a century in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations and their signals relied on radio frequencies, thinking that they, like us, are able to use them. For us, it is riding opportunities, and we are unjustly decided that everyone else is doing. The radio space is silent. Rather, at a cosmic scale radio absolutely not suitable as low-speed properties (such signals propagate only the speed of light). Needed at all other means of communication. Sooner or later we will find new ways. We are now a lot of them say, for example, gravitational waves. There are lots of other hypotheses and versions, even for projects that, how do we establish the connection on other physical principles: using chronal fields, gravitational fields, longitudinal and transverse waves. There are many options, even if they are still in the fantasy mode. But as soon as one of them will be realized, there may come a shock for us. This will be a truly memorable moment: can be shocking, historic, but it is technically possible. What we overhear other people’s conversations, does not mean that we will immediately take on an equal footing and to love.

But even if we, all three indicated conditions are not met, we may no longer ignore. And this is the worst of all options: it is possible, if our weapons will become so powerful that will threaten not only to ourselves but also to other civilizations. While even the most powerful weapons – a children’s firecrackers compared to the fact that they can afford a more highly developed civilization. They are not afraid. Maybe only the most humane of them are afraid of us, that we ourselves can kill these crackers. Once we get the money, weapons that would pose a threat to others, we will see the manifestation of extraterrestrial civilizations.