The American media, comparing the combat equipment of special operations forces of Russia and the US, concluded that if the US special forces are better prepared for offensive operations, then the Russian special effects are equipped for observation and defense. We talked with military experts to check the findings of American journalists.

The National Interest compared the technical equipment of special forces of the US and Russian armies. According to the publication, the most significant advantage of the US Special Operations Forces is the use of MQ-Predator and MQ-Reaper unmanned aerial systems that can detect and track targets at any time of the day, as well as carry armament for the ground forces.

It is noted that in the Russian army drones are not used to support special forces, but are used to detect targets and correct target designations. According to NI, in the arsenal of the Russian side, there are uncrewed aerial vehicles “Forest” and “Orlan-10”, which cannot carry arms. At the same time, Orlan-10 is lighter than American models of unmanned vehicles. The publication suggests that Russia seeks to use its equipment, which is inexpensive.

According to the director of the Center for Strategic Studies Ivan Konovalov, the “backwardness” of Russian drones is explained by the fact that Russia got into the general trend of unmanned aviation development quite late, just ten years ago, while the US adopted the first drones in the 1950s last century.

Russian Special Forces mainly use tactical drones, while US special forces are working with strategic unmanned aircraft.

“There is such a thing; it’s pointless to deny it. And they use it to their advantage. We have only light and medium – we do not have the heavy strategic drone, “Konovalov said, emphasizing that Russian special forces are widely using unmanned aircraft in Syria. One of the main tasks of Russian Spetsnaz after the connection to the operation in the Middle East was to adjust the actions of aviation, the expert recalls.

In the material of The National Interest, in addition to comparing drone, the emphasis is also placed on night vision devices – the US Army uses AN / PVS-31. In its production, white, not green, phosphorus is used, which makes it possible to make the image more clear and detailed. In the Russian night vision devices, NSPU and 1PH93 phosphorus are not used. They are suitable for observation and are also crucial in defensive positions.

Proceeding from this, the publication concludes that the Russian and American special forces have different tasks.

Equipping the US Special Operations Forces is more suitable for offensive tasks, and Russian special forces will be better supervised and defended.

However, the deputy head of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, notes that the criteria used by the US edition for the evaluation of special forces are “purely technical details.” “The Americans are purely technical; some points are more developed. Including night vision devices and drones, especially combat vehicles. We always had a bad time with drones. Now, of course, better than before, but we are still behind, “says Khramchikhin.

At the same time, the expert does not agree with the assessment of the “distribution of tasks” made by the American publication. “What is special forces on the defensive, of course, is not very clear. Spetsnaz – by definition, an offensive unit, “- said the expert.

Ivan Konovalov is of another opinion. According to the expert, the difference in the tasks of the Forces of special units of Russia and the US can be seen in the example of an operation in Syria. “There the Russian special forces are engaged in monitoring, collecting information, correcting the actions of aviation, adjusting the effects of the Syrian army – in this sense, yes. It’s not heavy infantry. But the Americans in Syria are heavier armed, – the expert explains. –

The Americans correctly note that we have no tasks to carry out offensive actions, our job is to support the Syrian army, which conducts vigorous activities.

It’s another matter that Americans say how we are equipped and for what purposes. On equipment, specialized equipment, and weapons – you can always argue. I believe that, at least, we have iron parity with the Americans in this sense. As for training and motivation, then, of course, Russian special forces have higher levels. This is an obvious thing. And for Americans this is now a problem, as for the British – they used to have beautiful special forces, and now it causes a lot of criticism. The situation is the same with the French special forces. And the Russians on the front act fine. ”