whether the United States is preparing for a ground intervention in Syria


The indirect war the Russians and Americans in Syria could escalate, warns an expert on Middle East Michael Liders.SAD preparing an attack on the main stronghold IDs in hand, and Russia will not abstain.

Deutsche Welle: What surprised you the news of the attack on the US Syrian military airport?

Leaders Michael: I was very surprised, because I thought that the US government is not truly ready to commit something so rash. It is clear that there is a dangerous potential for escalation. Syria is led covert war – on the one hand the US, EU, Turkey and the Gulf States, who want Assad fall. On the other side are Russia, Iran and China, who want to prevent this at all costs. Performing such an American attack on orders from Trump, it is a danger of escalation of the situation and the Americans and the Russians soon to stand against each other on Syrian soil.

The Kremlin reacted with criticism, calling the attack aggression, although the Russians had previously been warned, so they could withdraw their troops. What is now the danger of Russian intervention?

The confrontation is present here obviously not prepared for a reasonable agreement and negotiations on an equal level. Moreover, the greater the danger of continued conflict. Given that in this attack was not hurt any Russian, Moscow may not react so sharply. But if new US attacks, which eventually killed and the Russians or Russian weapons, then that Moscow will not tolerate, so the situation can quickly escalate.

Michael Lüders Frankfurt am Main Porträt (picture-alliance/dpa/A. Burgi)

How would it look worst case scenario?

US Russia is currently sees its greatest geopolitical protivnik.Tie two states covert war against one another on two military fronts, primarily in Ukraine and Syria. The Assad regime again occupying all major cities, Aleppo last was in December 2016. year. It could say that Americans have lost this battle with Russia in Syria. Now the influential centers of power in Washington apparently willing to change that situation and go on a course of confrontation in Syria.

Do not forget, after the constitutional referendum in Turkey on April 16, the United States intended to start a ground offensive by elite units to Hand, the main stronghold of the Islamic State in eastern Syria. Syria has stationed 400 US soldiers. Manage to take a hand, but what then? As on? Who reigns there? What are these requirements? They will establish zones may fly? That would be the tactics of small steps that the Russians would not have accepted. For fly zone means that Russian or Syrian aircraft will no longer be able to fly. Even though it would mean confrontation. At this moment we can not predict the development, but of course – the situation is alarming.

The US government reacted to the alleged attack with Mustard in Idlib, attributing it to the Asadoviot mode. How secure is that behind the attack with poison standing Syrian ruler?

There is no reliable information about what happened in Idlib. Probably every interpretation simply-we lack reliable facts. However, it is clearly Idlib only reason for this military strike, which has other geopolitical background. It is a fact that the US is not willing to accept Russian and Iranian domination in Syria. Government Trump still objected to accept Iran as a factor of power in the region. Prompting only Trump, he would long ago have given up the nuclear deal with Iran, signed in 2015 during Obama. I think here is the scene tactic of small steps towards gradual confrontation that will lead to nothing but more dramatically to the destruction of Syria.