In the West, the Russian Tu-160 “White Swan” and B1-B USA 


German media compared the Russian strategic supersonic bomber missile carrier Tu-160 with its American rival B1-B. The comparison was not in favor of the latter.

As Focus notes, the Russian aircraft, which because of its coloring and elegant forms was named “White Swan,” has obvious advantages over the “American.”

“It flies faster and further, and unlike B1-B, it can also carry nuclear weapons,” the German edition writes. At the same time, the 275-ton “White Swan” is the most potent and heavy combat aircraft in the world.

Focus notes that the Tu-160 has already undergone a baptism of fire in Syria, striking with cruise missiles at the facilities of terrorists. It is also reported that currently, Russia has 16 such aircraft, but soon up to 50 modernized vehicles must be delivered.

Recall earlier it became known that the new engine will expand the capabilities and increase the range of the upgraded Tu-160M2.