Image result for  Incredible Footage Of F-18 Super Hornets In ActionBased at Naval Air Station Oceana, the Strike Fighter Squadron 211 (VFA-211), nicknamed the “Fighting Checkmates,” is an aviation unit of the U.S. Navy established in 1945 that is presently equipped with the F/A-18F Super Hornet, itself the premier U.S. Navy fighter and attack jet. A Strike Fighter Squadron is a unique unit in the U.S. Naval Forces, with the VFA-211 being only the third one to have ever had the designation.Image result for Incredible Footage Of F-18 Super Hornets In Action

The Checkmates mission is close air support, air interdiction, and aerial reconnaissance, and are currently part of the Carrier Air Wing One aboard USS Enterprise, in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility. This video includes cockpit and pilots’ POV footages of the “Checkmates” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 211 flying sorties in F-18 Super Hornet jets during USS Enterprise’s 21st deployment.

See for yourself:

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