Remember the droid? Robot from the movie “Star Wars,” similar to a spider, able to move quickly at the expense of the opportunity to curl up, thanks to which he received the nickname “roll-death”? So the German robotics from our beloved company Festo presented its real embodiment. Only unlike its cinematic prototype, the novelty of Festo does not have a protective field. And powerful lasers, with which the robot at the cinema deftly crumbled all in a row.

In fact, unlike the cinematic droid, which is a complete fantasy of the filmmakers, the novelty of Festo was created with a very real prototype – the spider Capparaceae aureola. This crumb, no more than 20 millimeters in size, can deftly collapse into a ball and quickly escape from predators in case of danger.

The robot BionicWheelBot from German workers, which are going to be shown at the German industrial exhibition Hannover Messe 2018, is much larger than its real counterpart but can do the same. In normal condition, the robot moves on eight legs, but if necessary, folds and quickly rolls, pushing away from the ground with two.

Unlike the same guys from Boston Dynamic who create SpotMini ATLAS – robots that are capable of “pushing” humanity in the long term, especially after all those bullying that they had to endure from pathetic pieces of meat, the robotic department of Festo approaches the issue with more romance. Most often prototypes of their machines are various animals and insects: kangaroos, butterflies, dragonflies …

From a practical point of view, the robot BionicWheelBot in the future due to its capabilities can be regarded as an excellent scout of the terrain. He can move slowly and quietly behind rocks, thickets, and other obstacles, checking the environment around him, and in the absence of danger or, conversely, its presence – quickly retreat in the folded state.