(VIDEO) Kim firing rocket, Trump went crazy, Putin is nonetheless


North Korea firing a missile from an unidentified region near its western coast, and US President Donald Trump immediately asked for harsh sanctions against Pyongyang and called on Russia to sound.

The missile, which is presumed to be a ballistic lanisrana Kusong in the region, located northwest of Pyongyang, in the area where North Korea previously tested missile medium range, which, believe, evolve.


Trump, who in late April warning that it is possible a “very, very serious conflict” with North Korea, said he now can not imagine that Moscow is satisfied with this last sample because the rocket fell closer to Russia than to Japan.


In a statement, the White House said that the launch of the rocket served as a call for all states to impose strict sanctions on North Korea, and the US Treasury is considering all available means to shorten all access the number of international financial systems in that country.
China urges restraint and all countries to do nothing that would raise tensions after North Korea launched a ballistic missile.

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