US police have become a laughingstock after a threatening message in style ISIS (VIDEO)


Best of the US anti-riot police in Florida is designed to warn of the dangers of drug trafficking, but has become a major subject of ridicule on the Internet.

Image sheriff Peyton Grinnell warns “sellers of poisons” to “look over the shoulder because coming after them” and is surrounded by four masked men with specials.

The video was posted on Facebook and shared more than 500,000 times, and the Internet community is laughing at the special in comparison to the jihadists of ISIS.

“If our agents prove a link between you, the sellers of poisons a person who dies of an overdose, you will blame the murder. Come after you, run away, “he says, among other things, sheriff Grinnell Image.

Soon after the world began to comment on the video.

“Good style, guys. If we were to hide his identity, publish photos that look like terrorists. All video screaming “Welcome to Trampistan” read one of the comments on social networks.