Ultimate Factories M1 Abrams Tank


abrams tank marine corpsThe Abrams M1 tank is the primary battle tank of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. It has been used in nearly every major U.S. conflict since its introduction in 1980 and the military wants to keep these land weapon systems in service until 2040.

NBC reports that the U.S. military has more than 2,300 M1s deployed and roughly 3,000 more in American military bases nationwide.

Repairs and upgrades are done at Anniston Army Depot in Alabama and the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Ohio, where tanks are gutted and rebuilt over a ten-month operation.

We’ve taken screenshots from a National Geographic documentary to show how the military keeps its tanks in fighting shape.

Ultimate Factories_ M1 Abrams Tank Part 1

Ultimate Factories_ M1 Abrams Tank Part 2

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