UFOs fly over Everest


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Mountains all – mysterious places, and the highest peaks of the Earth, which is a magnet for climbers, as it turns out, are still under the monitoring and aliens. And their vehicles climbers see almost everywhere.

Of course, the climbers are sent to the same Everest is not in order to observe the UFO, but sometimes they accidentally catch the eye or imprinted on the photo and video materials. For example, the famous climber, directed many documentaries about conquering the mountain peaks David Breshirs (the most famous and controversial of his 1996 film about the tragic deaths of eight climbers) a few years ago created a unique mosaic of photos of Mount Everest and the surrounding majestic mountains.

On the one hand, it was an attempt to show the world how climate changes are reflected on Everest, on the other – just a desire to create a stunning panorama of the most important mountain in the world, panorama photo, collected from nearly five hundred shots. Creating her Breshirs and his aides had no idea that the lens of one of the chambers, the leading survey of the mountains, gets a UFO. And it happened, because for some picture panorama increase seen a strange object in the sky, just above the top of Changzhou ( “North Peak”). UFO in this case resembles a classic “flying saucer”, and at this altitude terrestrial vehicles such as drones or helicopters, which could be mistaken for a passing object, simply can not work.

Unfortunately, he writes David Breshirs, more information about this no, just interesting to see how over Everest, so mysterious and incredibly attractive for any serious climber, easy to fly aliens, perhaps even watching people climbing. I wonder what they think of us, especially when they see how people are dying in the mountains, in order to achieve peak are not only at risk of death, but sometimes on the inhumanity, for serious stumbling, say, a broken leg while climbing Everest climber It can hardly count on the fact that those who rise up after him, refuse, perhaps the most important of the dream of his life, poher a lot of money invested in this enterprise, and come to his aid …

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