Trump unveiled a budget of $ 4,400 billion in 2019


US President Donald Trump today presented the budget “difficult” 4,400 billion dollars for 2019, predicting a budget deficit of 984 billion dollars.

The US media, however, believe that, however, the deficit will reach $ 1,200 billion after the last week’s budget agreement and the $ 90 billion allocated to alleviate the effects of natural disasters.

The media recall that it is even twice as big as compared to last year’s promises of the Trump administration.

The budget plan predicted a fall in budget revenues of $ 3.7 billion in the period from 2018 to 2027.

Trump’s proposed budget includes some $ 1,500 billion for reconstruction of roads, highways, ports, and airports for ten years.

The plan is based on the use of $ 200 billion from the federal budget to encourage local governments and federal states to invest in infrastructure projects.

The US president has repeatedly said that state roads and highways “ruin” are blocking the US economy in its efforts to realize its full potential.


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