After 17 people were killed in an armed attack in a school in Florida, US security issues and arms control flared up.

While proponents of the right to carry weapons say the solution is massive weaponry for civilians, the other camp is committed to introducing stricter controls before obtaining a permit to carry weapons and a more thorough inspection before buying weapons.

US President Donald Trump, on the other hand, pointed his finger in video games that have a significant impact on the psyche of young people and said that something must be done about what young people see.

“We have to do something about what young people see and how they experience it, including video games. More and more I hear that the level of violence in video games has a bad influence on the thoughts of young people, “Trump says.

On this occasion, a meeting with representatives of the gaming industry is scheduled for next week to discuss what can be done to reduce the level of violence in the games.

Whether this will come with some solution or improvement or is just another attempt to diversify and collect political points, remains to be seen in the upcoming period.