Top five games for Apple TV


As part of the wide range of functions, you can access some iPhone games on Apple TV. Recently compiled list against buying Apple TV, so now will show you a list of all our favorite games for the entertainment center of Apple.


Previously explained in detail why you should decide to buy the Apple TV, even now, 2 years after they hit the shelves. Perhaps many of us will affect the fact that Apple TV comes console, which can be great for you. Maybe you will find just those games that you have looked at the little black bought. We collected five such herein without any particular order. None of them really is no better than others; These are just five good games you should install if the home you have Apple TV.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Probably we should not present Asphalt 8: Airborne on a lot of you, because it’s a game that is very famous and very beloved by iOS users. This popular game with many detailed gameplay that promises hours of playing can offer you challenges day by day why you might want over and over again to play, just to complete challenges, collect coins, win new levels, and most importantly, to get new cars. No kidding, this game can attract your attention for a long time, even if many do not want the iPhone. Is completely different experience to take the wheel of the Apple TV with Siri Remote, than when you try to play to the standard iPhone screen.
Each to his own, though this game is quite simple and easy, it can give you a very important experience while playing. Hardly will you tired, even if you’re the kind of person who can have fun with these games for a long time. Not so contagious and does not require much money from you, despite the fact that the application is completely free of Apple TV. All cars become available as you move through the game, something like levels so that you can not “stuck” on one level; gameplay is different and colorful. Good music, beautiful graphics … Nothing else you need to occasionally play.

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Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is well-known game in which you hunt Lama and that is a pretty fun even if you are not sure who exactly whom he hunts (but you know, it becomes even more fun). We have our protagonist, Alto, whose Lama escapes and Alto go for it. More slides over it, because it is simply a way to move the lamas in the game, sliding on ice. 2D levels can immediately drag you; many people have this game on their lists among the top five games ever, whether you play on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Previously we thought if something good on the iPhone, may not be so good on the iPad or Apple TV, because control varies from platform to platform, but it is not right for this game. It’s fine and gorgeous 4 inch screen and more, and simple graphics you caresses the soul. This game is the best choice when you just want to relax and a time to play without any excessive concentration; It can be a good choice to play at any time of day. Alto’s Adventure is available for download from the App Store at a price of 5 euros.



If you’re a fan of retro games will worship this game. Maybe you remember the Super Mario Run, which was advertised to hell and back as a retro game, but with a price of 10 euros and poor control simply does not satisfy. However, we have PAC-MAN 256, which may become a “must have” for you. The game is free, and even purchase the application will not bored, are in the background, but do not destroy the experience of playing to the fullest. Probably not necessarily specifically to represent the original PAC-MAN game – it is the best endless racing game ever created.
We are not saying that this game is reminiscent of the same atmosphere of the classic game, but you can definitely spend a good 20 minutes playing it, even the Apple TV. No magic in it: all you have to do is take Siri Remote and spend with thumb up, down, left and right while holding the steering wheel in hand, to avoid a meeting with the ghosts in the maze. This is a real game that is played with one hand, and not so gorgeous for playing larger iPhone devices – however, steering the Apple TV is the perfect size for playing to be the most convenient and best experience of playing, all while trying to change the direction of time with your sharp reflexes.

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If you are one of those people who want to play something complicated even when relaxing, you will not want to miss this game; If you are a fan of Zelda game, then you should definitely play this game, and guess that you have already heard about it. The price of 8 euros at first glance may seem high, but for your money you get a whole game with a well thought out gameplay, excellent characters and humor. The game has 3D graphics, that comes and beautiful design. Developers did a really good job.
This adventure game of collecting and solving puzzles may not be suitable for everyone, but it is not the fault of Oceanhorna; maybe you just are not a big fan of Zelda. Everyone can decide how much they like this game and if it is worth the price of 8 euros for deeper Apple TV game.


Mr. Crab 2

Mr. Crab is a game that must be found in all living rooms where children play, even if the child is not the biggest fan of the ugly cancer – this will surely adore. This game is all relaxed najopushtena games is simply impossible to lose. The best comparison we could find for her is Chutes and Ladders, where you can fall, but you can not lose. Probably you have never met more fun and funnier crabs. This game has everything: the ups and downs, stalks hanging bees. The game starting with higher cancer and we must liberate smaller crabs out of the trunk, which then join your crusade to rid cancer.
The levels are quite unique and we acknowledge the development and design team. The levels are quite complex, but not too complicated, so that players can completely lose them. The first few levels are free, and you may think that that is the case with the whole game, but IHRA will offer the option of paying for awhile. For zhach, you can buy just a single pass to the next level by 5 euros, but definitely worth it. This game shows you enough to want to buy more levels, which in itself is a success.

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