The vertical take-off of the legendary MiG-29. This is a must see for everyone!


The amateur video from the world’s largest military air show Royal International Air Tattoo blew up the network. On the record, the legendary MiG-29 demonstrates vertical take-off, and the candle goes to the sky.

MiG-29 is not in vain considered one of the fastest fighters in the world. He can score 330 meters in one second, which is one and a half times faster than the result demonstrated by the vaunted British interceptor English Electric Lightning.

In NATO, Mikoyan’s single-purpose multipurpose fighter was named Fulcrum, the prop. Its maximum speed is at an altitude of 2,450 kilometers per hour; the flight duration is 2.5 hours. At seven suspension points, the aircraft carries more than two tons of missiles. For melee, a 30mm rapid-fire cannon is hidden in the nose.