The number of calibers issued for terrorists in Syria is calculated


Engineer-shipbuilder Alexander Shishkin estimated that for the entire operation of the Russian Navy released on the terrorists in Syria, at least 100 cruise missiles Caliber.

He noted that the last strike by six cruise missiles Caliber on terrorists was caused on November 3 by the diesel-electric submarine of the Black Sea Fleet Kolpino. According to Shishkin’s calculations, the sixth rocket, fired from the submarine’s torpedo tube, became at least the hundredth “Caliber” used by the Armed Forces for terrorist targets in Syria. Shishkin reported this on his blog.

He explained that in three cases the number of cruise missiles in the media was not announced, he counted only according to the video of the Ministry of Defense.

“100 combat launches of 3M14 allow speaking, if not mass, at least about a wide application of a new type of naval weapon for the domestic fleet,” the expert said.
He also compiled a table with the chronology of the launches.

It follows that 100 rockets were fired for 13 salvo launches from 25 carriers. They shot from four submarines and eight surface ships. Four times the volley was performed by the sub-Veliky Novgorod, three times by the Kolpino submarine and the Admiral Essen frigate.

“Caliber” beat without a miss

The last massive attack by the “Caliber” on the terrorists of the IG near Deir-Ez-Zor was made on November 3. At the same time, long-range Tu-22 bombers attacked.