The most unreliable cars in the world

Independent consumer organization Consumer Reports ranks the most unreliable cars every year.


Employees agencies collect information from 740,000 people: Be sure there is only proven through suffering and their own experience. But to save on the purchase of cars (especially b / y) is not worth it – a couple of visits to stations and save whatever happened.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Beautiful course, but to buy it is still not worth it. Tricky American Goldfinch is in the end of the rating unreliable cars in the world – his figure of 32.6% can Clarkson laugh to death. By the way, on the first line of the same rating, it stands Porsche 911, received only 6.2% probability of breakage.

Alfa Romeo 147

Another trap for the lovers of b / a car. Once upon a time at the dawn of the 90 drive coupe Alfa Romeo through the city it was prestigious. Who is the old man of the past inhabitants of other roads look askance with some disdain: according to statistics from the Alfa Romeo as much as 29%.

fiat Bravo

This machine does not advise beginners to buy even for the first six months. Do not be fooled by a fresh view of an old Bravo: the car is extremely unreliable, at least after a few years of operation. Chance of damage to the “Fiat” as much as 38.9% – even in the garage will break.

ford Edge

On the US market, Ford Edge 2007, the shattered instantly. However, the first enthusiasm of buyers changed angry cries: the biggest concern was accused of the unacceptably low reliability of the car, which is at least trying to pretend to be an SUV.

Chrysler 200

Handsome, sure. Chrysler designers have clearly done perfectly nice bait, beyond which lies a disappointment. Despite the seemingly large body, the Chrysler 200 rear cramped, suffers from a weak suspension and generally does not cause any positive emotions.

In addition, the problems in the gearbox have been identified even in the stage of manufacture of the car – it is the question of reliability.

Chevrolet Matiz

Classical Lady machine city, in fact, has more approached the experienced car mechanic. The first surprise appeared already in the second year of service, and in the category “up to 7 years» Matiz ranked last in terms of reliability.


None of this kind of ranking for a long time will not be without the classic Korean duo, Hyundai, and KIA. these machines, although comparatively expensive, almost certainly become a headache for the owner. According to experts, about 12% of all Hyundai and KIA cars require major repairs already in the third year of service.

Dodge Challenger

American Nascar looks impressive and is proving to be an unreliable friend and vain. One of the most common diseases Challenger is an arbitrary gear change. Of the motor coolant flows, the generator and the fan drive may well prove to be defective.