The most expensive mobile phones

There are phones that are available is not for everyone and are more a luxury, not a means of communication.


From our selection, you will find out how much are the most expensive phone in the world.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

$ 1.3 million

Design phone collected Anchor Russian company, engaged in the Austrian Peter Alysson.

However, the distinguishing feature of the device is not a platinum casing decorated with 50 diamonds, including a rare blue and high safety, possible thanks to modern encryption techniques.

Cost – only 1.3 million dollars.

GoldVish Le Million

$ 1.45 million

The original creation of the Swiss jeweler Emmanuel Gyuyta – smartphone GoldVish Le Million – has been the most expensive phone in the world in 2006.

Housing made of gold, a scattering of diamonds, the rear panel of crocodile leather and intricate shape of a boomerang. Quite modest for our times. A little over a million dollars – and it’s yours.

iPhone 3G King’s Button

$ 2.5 million

The crown of the creation of the Austrian jeweler Peter Aloyssona, which specializes in the design of luxury phones in 1998, became the model of iPhone 3G King’s Button.

Telephone really different royal luxury – the case of white, pink and yellow gold, decorated with 138 precious stones, on the control button located in the luxury diamond 6 karats. In addition, inexpensive – just $ 2.4 million.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

$ 3.2 million

Back in 2012, this phone is worth 3.2 million dollars. Was the most expensive in the world. Today, more pretentious inferior models. Yes, and who are now a surprised body of 22-carat gold, adorned with 136 diamonds and diamond karat 7B1 in the home button?

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

$ 8 million

Again, a product of Apple – iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, who immediately after his appearance on the market was in the Guinness Book of Records.

This was facilitated by 500 diamond ideal cut diamonds, encrusted logo and a pink diamond weighing 7.4 karats in the Home button. If someone does seem a little – provided an opportunity to replace the stone in 8 karats.

The holder of the phone, of course, can not do without special accessories. A case of pink granite, trimmed inside nubuck, weighs 7 kg and is included in the price of the smartphone – 8 million dollars.. Released only two copies.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

The rear panel made of gold, a protective sapphire glass, smartphone casing decorated with 600 diamonds, Apple logo from 53 gemstones and the main button with a black diamond weighing 26 karats and cost $ 12 million -. If you put it all together, you get the iPhone 5 smartphone Black Diamond – the most expensive phone in 2016.

He is now worth about $ 15.3 million. inferior in value more than new models. But you can not buy it – this phone was created by jeweler Stuart Hughes, in a single copy, especially for a Chinese businessman.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6

$ 45.5 million

Falcon brand produces luxury mobile phones, which can only afford one. No wonder that at the moment it is their phone Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 is the most expensive in the world.

Its price depends on the model and can be from 45 to 95 million. Dollars. What obtains owner for the money? Memory 128 GB housing of platinum, 18-carat pink gold or yellow, as well as the panel, decorated rare pink diamond.

You may want to save – a phone with a blue diamond will cost half the price. Additionally, you can purchase special accessories – such as luxury headphones made of gold or platinum, just 300 thousand dollars.

Manufacturers are advised not to think about the high price, but simply buy a phone.