The Japanese have recorded a new case of teleportation


Teleportation is currently one of the most enigmatic ways of moving in space.

Recently, another case of such a phenomenon was observed in Japan, where the road right in front of an unknown man appeared car. The sudden appearance took DVR. And this video is very quickly interested in not only the audience but also scientists. All vied with each other to look for a rational explanation for this. But no one could not understand how a guy in a sports suit and with a backpack was in the middle of the track.

On the contrary, as can be clearly seen that first appears to glow over the road, then the outline of a figure, but because people have already materialized, and falls to the pavement. After the fall guy jumps up and runs away. In this case, it is clear that he is not surprised and totally lame, that is, he did not fall from a great height