The history of Kim Jong Un: From student in Switzerland until the worst dictator of the world


In recent months, the world is witness to the actions of North Korea, which conducted a series of tests with atomic weapons. For the state know little and most people associate mainly with the character of its supreme leader Kim Jong Un wrote

But few people know that as a child he studied in Switzerland, and that crazy fan of basketball. Business Insider published several of his najintrigantski things about his life.


1.Kin Jong Un was born on January 8, but the fact that is not exactly clear. They argue that it is 1982, 1983 or 1984. His father’s previous dictator of North Korea, Kin Jong Il. He has an older brother and a younger sister.


2. As a child he studied in Switzerland. It is thought that Kim studied at an international school near the Swiss city of Bern. Classmates there he posed as the son of an employee of the embassy of North Korea under the name Pak Un.

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3.Severnokorejskiot leader is crazy about basketball. His idol is Michael Jordan and his room in Switzerland were plastered with his posters. In addition, Kim has an extensive collection of sneakers Nike.

4.Toj studied at the Military University, Kim Il Sung. With him was his older brother.

5. There is a song dedicated to him. It comes to propaganda song titled “Steps”. The text calls on people in the country to follow the “steps of our Admiral Kim.”

6. After the death of his father, he became “supreme leader” of North Korea. It happened on December 17, 2011, when he became supreme commander of the fourth largest army in the world. Then Kim was 30 years old.

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7. it is married to the former singer and cheerleader, Ri Sol Ju. It is thought that the two become married in 2009 and since then have a child. According to other allegations, Ri birth to a daughter in 2012, another child in 2015.

8. Kim Jong Un followed one of his childhood dreams, connected with Beloved team. It is about the Chicago Bulls, and their star Dennis Rodman, who visited North Korea at the invitation of Kim.


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