The great mystical riddles to solve that may not be so far


Some mystical strangeness frightened and put scientists in a deadlock has been more than a dozen

Science and technology are developing incredibly fast – we fly in space, land on other planets, and came close to solving the riddle of eternal life.
However, the world still has something to surprise the person. Some of the less mystical strangeness frightened and put scientists in a deadlock has been more than a dozen years – and there is no sign that they will be resolved when whatsoever.
There are more things on earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.
sounds Taos
In the small town of Taos, New Mexico, people often hear strange, inexplicable sound.

It described it as the work of the diesel engine – but, and this is the strange thing, no electronic devices to fix it can not. Audio equipment for the sound does not exist, but ordinary people can hear it very well.


This strange manuscript was written in a language that cannot decipher many centuries, besides professional lingual analysis showed that in the pages of the manuscript – a real language, not some gibberish. In addition, the drawings depict strange creatures and strange plants, which do not exist in nature.

Jack the Ripper

You’ve probably heard the story of a maniac who killed 11 women. Riddle of the psychopath has never been and is not permitted, although it struggled with all the best minds of the triangle time .

End points of the triangle – Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Where ships and planes disappear, but scientists still do not understand the reasons.

Tamam Shud

Back in December 1948, an unidentified man was found dead on the outskirts of the small town of Adelaide, Australia. In his pocket, police found a piece of paper with the inscription Tamam Shud – it’s part of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. which can be translated as “The End.” The identity of the man has failed to establish any state of the world.
And another maniac, and not found by the authorities. This crazy love to send encrypted emails to the police – most of the messages are not deciphered yet.


Easter Island, where the mysterious monuments found, contains another riddle – a set of glyphs Rongorongo. To decipher ancient symbols fought scientists from many countries, but without any result.
Loch Ness monster
For centuries, people had heard the story of the lake Loch Ness. There are definitely something lives, had not yet seen us – that’s just caught him did not succeed.


A legendary creature that saw many hunters in the mountains. Yeti, Bigfoot, Bigfoot – what is it? Missed stage of evolution? Mirage?

Shroud of Turin

A piece of cloth with the imprint (supposedly) the person of Jesus Christ. Scientists have, in principle, allow for the possibility that the face of the dead man, and in fact could be imprinted on cotton – but the identity of the deceased no exact statements can not do.
Most of the scientific community converges in a single thought – Atlantis has been just a parable in the mouth of Plato, describing the ideal state. And yet, the search for the sunken civilization does not stop.


Technician Jerry Ehman was working on one of the projects Wesleyan University in Ohio, when he received a strong signal from outer space – or rather, in the constellation Sagittarius. The transfer was as much as 72 seconds and got the name of WOW (Russian analogue of “Wow!”). Unfortunately, the second time signal is not repeated.

DB Cooper

Perfect crime, stumped all criminologists US. DB Cooper hijacked a plane and demanded a ransom of $ 200,000 and several parachutes. The authorities have decided to cooperate. After receiving all the necessary, the offender jumped out of a plane – it was never seen again.