The death of the leader of Cuba and the icon of the Revolution Fidel Castro has brought great changes in the country, but with concern Cubans look to the future.

Several months after “El Comandante” physically leave their compatriots, at first glance it is evident that the Cuban capital, Havana, is obsessed with the many foreigners who rushed to the Caribbean nation to “catch the last train” to learn about the only people , their way of life, culture and heritage.

Many of them rushed because they think Cuba in the future expects rapid inclusion in global flows and loss of authenticity.


Cubans themselves again worried about something else.

– After the death of Fidel Castro nothing significant has changed, but we expect a change in the mandate of his brother Raul Castro in 2018. However, the question is not who will replace Raul as head of state, we are concerned because of other factors and if the change penetrated the legacy of the revolution and the freedom of the Cuban people can be in chaos, says Cuban Christina.

She is employed in the civil service, but does not reveal exactly what he was doing. One of the few I have met in Havana, a well-spoken English. He explains that the language not taught in school, but mastered the ongoing cooperation with the Americans who came to Cuba in the 70s of the last century.

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– Several years consecutive groups of about a hundred Americans came to work with us, she explains.

For the current relations of Cuba with the United States and Russia briefly said: “We’ll see.”

As Cubans live

While the answers to Christina for the future were short and grimace on his face, the life of its people speak much more extensively.

– Salaries and pensions are small here, $ 30, but the state provides, bent it. – groceries and necessities for the home receive from the state, education is free health insurance too. Literally everything is free, even aesthetic operations. In education, many are investing and the system is such that you regularly test the abilities of students, they are drawn to professions that most suit them. After completing their education, secondary or higher, the state provides employment practice and all that good will show the tests highlight Kristina and adds that there are cases where people want to work and live on social assistance.

– The state and provides them, but they just do not want to work. Enjoy the vices that do not know where the money found. But such are everywhere, she said.

I found out from other Cubans for additional revenues “manage” various ways. Besides issuing houses and apartments to foreigners, we rent cars and drive a taxi around town, there are those who steal from factories, shops and hotels and then resell it. The officers therefore have a lot of work and you can encounter almost everywhere in the Cuban capital.

Media and the Internet

– All media in Cuba are state said sogovornichkata Cuba, adding that you can always find and alternative media.

He says many Cubans now have satellite antennas and follow foreign programs, it is not prohibited.

– There are eight national television channels. Between information and entertainment, there are two educational channels. With these channels can be learned, if for some reason you are unable to go to regular school classes, she explained, and specifically stated that the reality shows and commercial PROGRAM is strictly prohibited. – The only ads that are allowed are educational and informative, for safety, the water must thrive before drinking etc, adds Christina.

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When it comes to the Internet, he said Cuba is much better covered than you think foreigners. – They think we do not know what is the Internet, but are covered better than you might think, she says.

However, although there are places (some parks and all the hotels) where you can surf the Internet by typing the code from the card which costs Euro and a half to 10 euros and used an hour, Cuba booming business with “resale internet content “USB.

– People seek out foreign films, series, music and even reality shows, says Whispering Christina.

Perhaps the change has swept through the Cuban window.