The ancient Egyptian documents reveal visiting extraterrestrials.


Related imageIt is believed that Tulli papyrus is the best evidence of the ancient flying saucers in the distant past. For some reason, historians have questioned its authenticity and meaning. Like many other ancient texts, the ancient document tells the incredible story that could change the way we look at our past, our future and the present.14238213_1270900659608467_413122866965202308_nEgypt pyramids and the aliens UFO

It is believed that this ancient document, which is not really papyrus, offers the earliest quote flying saucers on the planet. Tulli „papyrus“ is a modern translation of the transcript of an ancient Egyptian document.
According to this ancient text, the pharaoh who ruled Egypt was Thutmose III, and these UFO sightings happened around 1480 BC. It was recorded in history as a big important day in which there was something inexplicable.Image result for The ancient Egyptian documents reveal visiting extraterrestrials.

„In 22, the third month of winter, sixth hour of the day […] Among the scribes of the House of life, it was found that the specific Fiery Disk comes in the sky. He had no head. The breath of his mouth emitted a foul odor. His body was one rod long and one rod in width. He had no voice. It came to the house of His Majesty. His heart became confused over it, and fell on his stomach. They [went] to the king’s report. His Majesty [ordered that] need to consult the scrolls [located] in the House of life. His Majesty meditated on all these events that are happening now.egyptmanuscript915A few days passed, they became more numerous in the sky than ever. Flashed in the sky over the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four pillars sky […]

The army of King watched with His Majesty in their midst. It was after dinner, when the disks rise still higher in the sky to the south. Fish and other volatile substances rained from heaven marvel never before known since the foundation of the earth. “

This incredible and historic event described as quiet but with incredible views of the mysterious flying disks highly reflective, bright as the sun. According to this ancient text, departure visitors from another world was marked by mysterious událostimi, such as when the fish raining from the sky.


To understand this ancient story and its history, he would have studied the ancient text. Unfortunately, the original papyrus away. Researcher Samuel Rosenberg demanded from the Vatican Museum the opportunity to examine this precious document, and it got the following response: „The Tulli Papyrus is the property of the Vatican Museums. It is now dispersed.“

It is possible that Tulli Papyrus is actually located in the archives of the Vatican Museum? Deliberately hidden from the people? If yes, why?