The American secret base was discovered thanks to global warming: Russia was trying to attack under the ice


World experts were horrified after the US recognized the existence of a secret, now abandoned base, located in the glaciers of Greenland. America had to make this recognition: soon Camp Camp Century will show its steelhead from under the glacier due to global warming.

Toxic waste is already leaking from the base into the sea. Camp Century will be the most significant nuclear burial site in the world if the government of America fails to prevent further contamination.


Camp Century was commissioned in 1959. 200 people served a 3-kilometer network of tunnels hidden deep in the glacier. However, even the Danish government was not dedicated to America’s goals: the “Iceworm” project was created to fire on the Soviet Union’s nuclear missiles through ice tunnels.


The Iceworm project was abandoned due to ice instability, and then Camp Century underwent deep conservation. Apparently, the military did not waste energy and left 9,200 tons of chemical waste rot in its unreliable shelter.


According to the latest data obtained (the study is published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters), global warming will lead to the complete destruction of the base in the next 25 years. And tons of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs, the most active carcinogen) will be thrown out into the surrounding ocean.