That in fact the Nazis hid in the lake Toplice See

At the end of the Second World War, the Germans during the two days stoked some boxes in the depths of the lake Toplice See in Austria.


At the end of the Second World War, the Germans during the two days stoked some boxes in the depths of the lake Toplice See in Austria. This became known after the Austrian fishermen began to bring in British banknotes for exchange bank, and they were fake. It began an investigation, which revealed that the counterfeit money floated from the bottom of an Austrian lake.

Double bottom Toplice See

In the Austrian lakes, there are two names – and Toplice Toplice See. It is located 60 kilometers from Salzburg, “Dead Mountains” of Austria. In tourist, guidebooks call it “Black Pearl.” Before the water “pearls” hard to get, because you have to overcome three passes in height more than two kilometers.

Scientists have found that at a depth of 16 meters there is almost no oxygen, so no one lives on the bottom of the lake. At a depth of 4-5 meters in the lake swim “underwater island.” These islands – clusters do not sunken logs. Deeper is 5-6 meters of silt, after starting pitch darkness. Diver Yuri Smirnov says that his Austrian colleagues time and again tried to reach the bottom of the lake, but have never been able to achieve success, and got nothing from the bottom. But, at least, all survived.

What treasures lie on the bottom of the lake
There are two views of what is at the bottom of an Austrian lake. Some researchers say that the boxes are flooded tons of gold, which the Germans were taken from occupied European countries to Germany. Others argue that in the boxes is not gold, and documents with information about where to store money that the Nazis confiscated from Jews.

In one expert are unanimous – at the bottom of the lake, there are valuable treasures. This 50 boxes which were taken from the Reichsbank in Berlin, 22 boxes of gold Otto Skorzeny, 5 kg of diamonds Kaltenbrunner, a collection of rare stamps Goering, boxes of rare jewelry and old coins.

It is natural that there are many people who wish to acquire these treasures. Hunters Toplice Zee had hundreds, and all of these “hundreds” were killed, trying to get to the bottom of the lake at least a small part of it.

Lake Victims

In the summer of 1945 in the state of Styria, Austrian fishermen began in large numbers to bring the pound sterling for the exchange to the bank. Later, the bank’s employees found that bills brought by – a quality forgery, and fishermen were told that the money they were when they went fishing on the lake Toplice See. After this incident, the lake began to arrive, divers, treasure hunters, engineers.

In February 1946 came 2 engineers, Helmut Meyer and Ludwig Pichler. Only a month later, local authorities found that the engineers did not return from the expedition, and found them in the mountains of the Dead with bellies ripped open. In August 1950, the lake came from the German engineer Keller climber Goerens. When lifting on the southern slope of Reyhenshteyn cord broke, Goerens fell into the abyss. Keller testified the police and went back to Hamburg. Relatives Goerens found that Keller during the war was the chief of the secret base of submarines and oversaw the project Toplice See.

“Shternskaya” expedition

The German magazine “Stern” in 1959, decided to independently investigate the riddle Toplice Lake and organized their own investigation. They have assembled a team of divers, and 5 weeks they studied the bottom of the lake. Divers “Stern” raised 15 wooden and iron boxes in which researchers found counterfeit banknotes British currency in the amount of 55 thousand pounds.

In addition to counterfeit money lists of prisoners of concentration camps and documents, Reich Security Main Office was found. But suddenly the search engines work, it was decided to terminate – editors sent a telegram in which he had an order to cease work. So far there is no specific reason why still stopped looking at the bottom Toplice See.