T-44 – Soviet medium tank


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Tank T-44 was developed in the design office of the factory number 183 under the guidance of A. A. Morozova. Tank significantly different from the T-34-85. Differences were in a device arrangement, the overall dimensions and in the shape and thickness of the armor and the body of the tower. The engine was located across the frame. This made it possible to reduce the length of the power pack, which made more comfortable accommodation of the crew.

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The height of the power pack has been reduced. This was achieved through the transfer of the air from the cylinders V-engine to the board. On previous models the fan favored housing dimensions. But the T-44 instead of the fan was a compact flywheel. As a result of the transformations made possible to mount the diesel at low engine frame. Rama was tough, but at the same time easy. With many enhanced body height reduced to 300 mm.Image result for t-44 tankChassis tank T-44 included five rubberized rollers on board, rear drive wheel arrangement with five rollers, guide wheel tensioning mechanism. The tank had individual torsion suspension rollers. A compound engine with five-speed manual transmission carried out so-called guitar, t. E. Up-gear consisting of three cylindrical gears. Thanks to the newly arranged the engine compartment has become possible to shift the tower in the center of the body. There was an empty seat for the driver’s hatch.
T-44 has been tested and put into production at the tank factory number 75 in Kharkiv. At the end of 1944 we produced 25 cars, in 1945 – 860 vehicles of this type. Two years later, the production of T-44 stopped. Tank T-44 did not participate in military operations during World War II.Image result for t-44 tankImage result for t-44 tank

Performance characteristics of the T-44

Crew 4 people.
Weight 31.8 m
Length 7.65 m
Height 2.41 m
Width 3.18 m
Clearance 425 mm
booking Lobe housing – 90mm
board housing – 75mm
bottom – 15 mm
roof enclosures – 15-20 mm
Lob tower – 120 mm
board tower – 90 mm
roof tower – 15 mm
full speed 51 km / h
Power reserve 300 km
weaponry Cannon 85 mm ZIS-S-53 mod. G. 1944
Ammunition gun – 58
machinegun 2 mm × 7,62-DTM


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