Image result for STRANGE UFO APPEARS ABOVE MUNICH, GERMANYPeople in Munich, Germnay were amazed yesterday when they witnessed an scary UFO sighting above the city. There seemed to be an extramelly large UFO hoovering above the city. After a couple of minutes the UFO seemed to be entering another dimension when it entered a strange portal that appeared above the UFO. The UFO seem to be consisting of several strange orbs. After it hoovered above the city if suddenly entered a flashing portal that appeared above the object. It’s not clear whether the UFO was carrying out some kind of mission above Munich area. A lot of people witnessed this object and the local twitter sphere was reporting a lot of strange UFO sightings. Was this UFO able to carry out it’s mission of was it just lost due to the atmospheric conditions above the city? The object seemed to massiave. Local witnesses did not hear a sound when the strange object entered the dimensional portal.

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