Son of Osama bin Laden determined to avenge the death of his father (VIDEO)


Son of Osama bin Laden is on track to become the new leader of al-Qaeda and wants to take revenge for the death of his father, says former FBI agent who led the investigation into the terrorist groups after the attacks of 9/11.


In an interview broadcast Wednesday on CNN, CBS former agent Ali Suphan claims that letters seized in the raid in which bin Laden was killed in 2011 indicate that his son follow in his footsteps.

Hamza bin Laden allegedly wrote: “I think I’ve cast steel. The path of jihad for the sake of God is what we live “, reports Suphan.

The last group published materials seized during the raid on bin Laden were released this year.

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Former FBI agent says the letters indicate that Hamza had loved his father and wanted to continue his work seeking revenge on the United States.

“He basically says, ‘the American people, we come and you feel it. And we will retaliate for what you did to my father … Iraq … Afghanistan ‘… The whole thing was about revenge, “he said Suphan TV program” 60 minutes “.

“He was the mascot of Al Qaeda … and members of Al Qaeda who were indoctrinated with these propaganda videos, he meant a lot,” said the former agent.

The Obama administration imposed sanctions in January for 28-year-old Hamza bin Laden, saying he was “actively involved in terrorism,” and that is a risk to national security.

He was appointed as a “specially designated global terrorist” – the same designation as the US gave him their father.

Hamza bin Laden repeatedly sending audio messages terrorist threats, according to the State Department. Among them is that of July 2016 in which he warned Americans that they would be attacked at home and abroad.

Six years after the founder of Al Qaeda was killed by US forces in Pakistan, Al Qaeda is more active than ever, Suphan said: “Al Qaeda is stronger than ever. I think that Osama bin Laden has not dreamed to have followers who commanded armies, soldiers … territories. ”

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