Shocking video allegedly shows ‘KGB extracting Mummified Alien in Egypt’


Related imageReports from the Sci-Fi Channel indicate that forensic experts who analyzed the footage have CONFIRMED it is genuine. The video illustrates what appears to be Soviet military personnel opening an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus said to have been located somewhere in the Giza plateau.

Inside the alleged Sarcophagus were the remains of a so-called Ancient Alien and pieces of otherworldly technology.

According to numerous reports, the video presented here was filmed during a top-secret mission called ISIS which supposedly recovered the remains of a so-called ‘Ancient Astronaut’.

Officially, humanity is STILL waiting for proof of alien life elsewhere in the universe.

While many people claim there is evidence all around us, millions of people remain skeptical when it comes to alien lifeforms and alien technology.

Whether or not advanced alien civilizations exist elsewhere in the cosmos, and whether or not these advanced alien civilizations have visited Earth in the distant past remains hot topic that has been debated continuously for the past 20 years at least.

This alleged video –which we know little about— if proven to be real would make the alleged Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico a small story.

Ancient Aliens?

Related imageRelated image

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