Russian scientists discovered the alien metropolis

Physicist and astronomer from Nizhny Tagil claim that the photographs of NASA astronauts see the real metropolis of an extraterrestrial civilization. Why did no one know about this before? So the US has tried to censorship.


In the period from 1969 to 1972, Americans made several successful moon landings. Photos of that time are in the public domain – the signs of censorship, according to Degtyareva, already noticeable in the sixth flight of “Apollo.”

It was an ordinary flight around the Moon. However, around the ship immediately appeared different types of UFOs. Astronauts they diligently recorded on film. By some miracle, they had never seen, although some objects simply stagger the imagination – Valentin Degtyarev

In a brief press conference, a scientist told the press that he was able to discern the contours of spaceships on the illuminated images. Who is a worthy son of Nizhny Tagil trying to get the original image with the help of modern technology?