Good helicopters, honestly fulfilling its purpose, – the mass, especially good ones, are at the forefront of technical progress – one, and those that define the direction of technology development for the next decade, and even less. Among the latter, and include S-97 Raider, created by the legendary Sikorsky Aircraft. He is here to show us the future of helicopters.

The movement of the blade with a scale of 10 meters leads 2600 hp engine General Electric YT706, he is responsible for both the rear propeller rotation.

Upper propeller

Twice the size of the blades and the stabilization of the propeller – 6, but no longer surprised by its very location is not the side and just behind the helicopter body. The revolutionary arrangement allows the helicopter for a few seconds to develop unprecedented before cruising speed of over 400 kilometers per hour, the same parameter exceeding twice that of conventional helicopters.

The effective range of 570 kilometers at 3 km altitude capabilities make the new helicopter from Sikorsky Aircraft smashing a powerful weapon in the practice of reach for the ground-based air defense.

The maximum speed of the helicopter is 444 kilometers per hour, which is slightly longer cruise value. Many people on the ground may not even have time to understand that it had just swept over them, airplane or helicopter.

The fuselage for the esthete

Helicopter shell itself Raider S-97 has a similarity with justifiable charter aircraft fuselages small and well-viewed windshield. It is made of composite materials and with a length of 11 meters can lift into the air around 5 tons net of its own weight, without thinking that should not exceed ¾ takeoff weight. The same can be completed this quarter or just 1,200 kilograms? The first and most logical thing that comes to mind – is, of course, weapons.


Fighting snap-on moment of the working prototype of such a presentation – a few missiles with the speaker called Hellfire or unguided projectiles several blocks and an automatic gun with ammunition 7.62 500 cartridges. Though preliminary, still meager fighting equipment says that the helicopter will perform a variety of tasks are much broader than just combat.


These speeds should come to mind, primarily, combat and reconnaissance forces prosecution. The helicopter will be useful for emergency evacuation, including directly from the field fighting. At the moment, these tasks are assigned to helicopters OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and MH-6 Little Bird, consisting of the US Air Force, but the duration of their moral validity, if not yet expired, with the S-97 Raider launch serial production of exactly suited to the end.