Russian bombers second night in a row flying the American coast


Appeared night after fighter jets went to intercept couple Tu-95 long-range bombers.

Russian bombers are approaching the coast of Alaska for the second night, at a time when relations between the Kremlin and the administration of Donald Trump continues to deteriorate.

The Tupolev Tu-95 planes were observed when entering the area to identify the air defense of the United States on Tuesday.

Unlike the previous night, they were released jets to intercept, but was sent an E-3 Sentry aircraft early warning track their movements.

Operation lead command for air defense of North America (NORAD), which monitors access areas of interest to the United States that are right next to its sovereign airspace.

Lauren Hill, first potpolkovnichka US Air Force, a spokesman for NORAD, said last flight “is not uncommon.”

“There interception and the flight was not different from other flights NORAD saw earlier in the area,” she said, adding that further details can not be shared from the operational security reasons.

This happened after two F-22 Raptor stealth aircraft and an E-3 aircraft were launched to intercept two Russian bombers on Monday, about 160 km from Alaska.

US planes flew side by side with the Tu-95, a few minutes before returning to its base in eastern Russia.

This is the first such confrontation since Trump took office, after nearly two years of relative peace in the airspace around the US.

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Adam Kinzinger, Republican member of the House of Representatives, told CNN CNN that the forces of Vladimir Putin “are trying to show teeth” flying so close to the American coast.

“This was a demonstration of force by the Russians to show us that they are still here … trying to come as close as they can, to our international borders to see what reaction will cause,” he added.

Russian military aircraft were intercepted about 60 times since 2007 to date, the official said, the latest incident in 2015.