Russia And The West: Close Encounters Of The Cold War Kind


Intercept a group of American bombers by a Russian fighter jet on June 9 over the Baltic Sea it was only in the last few years.

The social network has released a video of “close encounter” of Russian fighter jets and planes and ships of NATO. Interception group of American bombers which has brought Russian hunter on 9 June over the Baltics certainly not only in recent years.
YouTube released a compilation of these dangerous encounters of aircraft of NATO and Russia. The first frame Russian hunter “Su-27” met Portuguese “P-3 Orion” aircraft over the Baltic Sea – the video was made in 2014. Then follows flybys of the bomber “Su-24” over US warship “Donald Cook”.Image result for the moment of a catastrophe: See how they look close encounters of aircraft of NATO and RussiaInterception occurred in 2016 when two Russian bombers “Su-24” flew extremely close over the deck of the American warship. American vessel then sailed in international waters, 70 kilometers from the Russian military and naval base. Americans then said it was disturbed by the conduct of the Russian pilots.
In December 2014 the Norwegian authorities have released video of what is seen as a Russian hunter-interceptor “MiG 31” takes a maneuver near the plane “U-16”. The tape is heard as pilot of the “F-16” aircraft nervously reacts to Russian aircraft that unnecessary appear nearby.

Then the tape shows the Russian “MiG 31” that meets Norwegian reconnaissance aircraft “Falcon DA-20” in October 2015 over the Barents Sea. The planes came within 30-40 meters, and the Russian pilot shot Norwegian colleague welcoming.
Hunter “Su-27” on June 9th met bomber “B-1B” and heavy strategic bombers “B-52”. Pentagon moves of Russian pilots described as professional.