Review of Tekken 7

Tekken – one of my favorite series. This childhood game that I can not stop playing today. But it’s funny, the first Tekken, I bought – it is the sixth part. At first, I played Tekken 2 on the slot machine in the park hometown attractions. Then the clock hung in Tekken 3 on PS1 visiting a friend. A few years later, another friend I played Tekken 4 and 5 on the PS2 – sometimes he came to console me, and we hung out until late in the evening. Hence, perhaps, and I took my warm love for the series – it has always been attractive, but this is not available. When I bought the sixth part and was finally able to play Tekken much as I want and when I want – I like to hit a paradise. Tekken 7 And I gave (and still give) exactly the same feeling.

If your familiarity with fighting games started with the most modern and fashionable representatives of the genre – of Mortal Kombat (2011), of Mortal Kombat the X  or Injustice 2, it is very unlikely that Tekken 7 you enjoy. Certainly not right away. There is not as highly detailed scene mode, raking all the characters at once, there is no cinematic images and vivid facial animation. Well, while they themselves are fighting: no explosions, no shots, no laser eyes (well, except that quite a bit), or fly over the scene of the head and broken stumps opponent.

Tekken 7 – the game is very austere and really old school. It’s about combat, about the clash of different fighting styles. The rest is secondary to her.

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But do not think that the modern genre trends completely bypassed the game round. As part of the plot and staging, Tekken 7 still displays the series to a new level. Previously, we have enough intro, heap bad endings linked to each of the characters, and short text descriptions. Now, all served by the sea perfectly choreographed commercials. Seriously, all delivered in such a way that I want to bring to the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and an hour or two to delay the gamepad. Especially good action scenes: the magnificent choreography, right angles – it looks a hundred times better than the official film adaptation of the game series. By the way, do not try to watch them, in any case.

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Even the history here – simple but quite logical and catchy. It covers the history of the series, raises important scenes from the past – to the newcomers did not panic – and puts an end to the confrontation between the main plot, which stretches for more than twenty years. Everything changes, the plot is a series to a new level. But the main thing: the characters have a compelling motivation to clean each other’s faces, “eyeliner” to battles almost always logical – after the Scene Mode Street Fighter V once again realize how important this is.

Street Fighter I, by the way, remember not just – in Tekken 7 debuted Akuma, one of the main and most important characters from Capcom fighting game series. And he does not just appear in the roster, and plays an important role in the plot. An isolated incident or the gradual unification of the universe? Curious!

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But again – it is better not to compare with the local setting Injustice and Mortal Kombat. NetherRealm then reached such heights that their ten in the coming years is unlikely someone will catch up. And got Tekken 7 was not yesterday (and not June 2, 2017, in fact), and two years ago – on the slot machines. On consoles, of course, the version of the improvements and additions, but the foundation of something she had two years ago, so make allowances – especially about the graphics. In addition, Western motives NetherRealm massive player games much clearer and more enjoyable. Tekken is one hundred percent Japanese thing, she, respectively, filled with clichés, who adore Japanese (all these family feuds, reflecting on the state of the world) and all sorts of ridiculous words like “Mishima Zaibatsu”. The thing in some way niche.

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But if there is the story of Tekken 7 really is a serious problem, it is not funny words and strong competitors. A root of all evil – is the boss. In principle, it is standard practice for the Japanese fighting games: play you currently play, win all without any problems, and then bam! And you’re stuck for a couple of hours. Or days. Or weeks. Playing without hesitation begins to pop these opponents, which you are not ready.

That Tekken 7 goes exactly the same way – in the final you will be spamming powerful attack, beating DESTINATION combinations and forced to fight with the enemy, cut one mode impenetrable protection.

The game has an easy difficulty – it is enough to thrash one button, and the hero himself will be dimmed complex combos, and some are masters never dreamed of. So: even this difficulty to win the final opponents I got not at once. And I’m not a novice in Tekken. And I would not grumble, whether there are a fair challenge and testing skills. But in reality it’s just fighting for good luck – you just wait until the AI blunt and will give you the win.

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But there is one more thing – if, after the passage of the plot to go online, you will find that there is not much easier to fight. In just then a certain sense, these pumped and unbalanced bosses need to prepare you for the ruthless network struggles. Only now everything will be honest – you will crush the exceptional skills.

Tekken – a very difficult fighting, the oldest discipline of eSports. Your skill people here literally for years to hone. Every fighter in the arsenal of hundreds of receptions and each works differently in different situations. But do not worry ahead of time, in fact, it’s a couple dozen large combos and a bunch of their variations – reduction, supplemented by cases and all in the same spirit. However, they all should keep in mind and be prepared to use a flash when needed. Getting your skills in Tekken – a natural mathematician. Combo as the equation – you first memorize them entirely, and only then learn to apply in different situations, using them to find other variables and transform specific tasks.

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The main problem is not even that, to learn and master the set of his fighter attacks – need as well to know the “formula” contender, to be able to predict its movement and a clear understanding of how they need to respond. According to the complexity of the development of Tekken 7 ahead of the game NetherRealm and becomes close to Killer Instinct and fighting games SNK.

In Tekken fighting system there is another very important point – the game series has always been based on challah. This is when you toss the enemy into the air and begin to flail his combinations, not allowing to fall to the ground.

 in almost all fighting games, but they are usually advanced technique, not for beginners, but for Tekken is a core mechanic.

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But in the game at the same time, as many as 37 men and all of them are perfectly balanced. No kidding – 37 characters, hundreds of attacks each and all of them fitted and adjusted to each other. It is not surprising that developers for the development of the next part of Tekken take years. But in this game there are cyber accuracy and a small (but for someone and large) negative – on experiments, it is not solved.

Built over the decades, the system is too fragile and radically change its developers hardly take. Beginning, perhaps, with Tekken 5, a series of games developed by tiny steps – they add new characters, carefully weave them into a common fabric, balance, but changes in the underlying mechanics are not. But it is the rare case where such conservative – it’s a good thing. Like Tekken once, and you will no longer want a radical change in its formula, so it is good.

But this does not mean that there is no change at all. “Oldies” with each new part get new combos, some old bundles of change and begin to work in a different way. These are the things that you do not notice when you sit behind only the latest Tekken, they begin to emerge only after hours (if not tens of hours) games for a specific character.

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Nevertheless, the seventh part of a kind of breakthrough, because the game has added to the roster as much as 10 newcomers, once again did not ask for in the balance sheet. 10 completely new techniques, which blends perfectly with the fighting styles developed over the past 20 years. Well, it’s wow!

But there’s more detail in Tekken 7 debuted a brand new series for mechanics – Rage Art. When you are left with little critical health include rage mode, from which, by pressing just one button, you can spend a devastating attack, causing enormous damage to the enemy. Such an analog of X-Ray Mortal Kombat or Critical Edge of Soul Calibur V. A very useful thing for beginners – saving straw that can suddenly turn the tide of battle.

But there are two nuances:

  • Block this attack is easier – it does not block punches.
  • If the enemy a lot of health, you can use Art Rage you just drive him in rage mode, and then target this terrible reception has become you.
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Another application of rage – Rage Drive, uninterruptible power attack (one or more strokes), which is convenient to weave in a combo. This option is more “elegant”, but also more complex. It is also worth remembering that, and Art Rage, and Rage Drive fully expend the rage.

Beyond furious important update mechanics also have – a new system of Power Crush. The gist of it is that you can inflict a blow by ignoring its upper and middle attacks. You will still take damage, but the animation of your kick will not be interrupted. Of the closest analogs – Combo Breaker System of Killer Instinct. This is a very effective technique to finish the battle when the enemy is on the verge of losing, but you still have health. Nevertheless, resist it is also not difficult – against the lower punches and throws it powerless. Everywhere balance!

Newest mechanics seem too casual, fear that they will give beginners too great advantage that can cover the entire skill “veterans”. But in reality, it is perfectly thought out and the current balance does not wobble. However, the developers hoped that these innovations will help beginners to get involved in Tekken – help, but not too much.

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But for all this hardcore Tekken 7, as well as previous issues, is perfect for parties and get-togethers with friends, rarely play games. Surprisingly, the button-mashing it works fine. If the battle faced two novices and just beginning to push all the buttons in a row, it often turns out a real cinematic battle, for which even from the interesting to watch.

A game only fuels the interest, at a time when both players simultaneously stabbed switched epic slow-mo – so you made out in detail, who and how to get on the first cabbage soup!

The only point in which the seventh part of the old issues of losing – additional entertainment. In Tekken 7, in addition to online, there is a scene mode, arcade mode, a treasure hunt (a series of endless battles in which you win chests with decorations and costumes for the characters) but training. No sanitary discharges pieces like bitmaps based on the game of Tekken 6. But we live in an era of DLC, it is suspected that this is just for developers and additions have reserved.


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Tekken 7 – is a very difficult, but beautiful and modern game with flawless mechanics. Yes, there is light at fighting games more interesting, there is a “fight” and more vivid characters, and with a much more interesting story. But it is equally balanced, as a mathematically calibrated fighting game you will not find for sure. And the combat choreography fighters in Tekken – a very special thing. Beats characters are added in combination so gracefully, that the game is easily possible to rank the works of visual art. If you’re a fan of the genre – over the purchase did not even think. If you love to fight “from time to time”, then keep in mind – the Cubs game pardons only in fights with other newcomers and honing skills take years.