How to restrict the use of iPhone / iPad Children


Let us leave aside the question of the philosophy of whether to introduce children to gadgets. Today, we simply talk about how to restrict the use of the iPhone / iPad children, if you do decide to entrust them to the appropriate device.

Setting Guide Access
If you think in terms of child safety Apple deprives their products, then you are wrong. A very useful feature is the so-called guide-access, which has been specifically designed for the parents. The thing is simple, but at the same time incredibly effective.

The whole point is that the program previously run by parents. The very same child can not go beyond that. In addition, you can even limit the scope of use of the screen. Thus, certain functions will be just inaccessible to children. The point is, therefore, time to move on to the activation:

  • Open Settings iPhone / iPad;
  • Go to the category of ” Basic “;
  • Select the ” Universal Access “;
  • Drag the slider in the ” Guide-access “;
  • Enter the password.

So much for the activation, and now talk about the immediate setting-access guide:

  • The first step is run the application that will use the child;
  • Press the ” Home ” three times in a row;
  • Choose the limiting function in the lower pop-up window.

Alternative: limitations in iOS
This item can be found in the device settings. With him, it makes sense to work if the unit will be issued for an hour or two, but for a long time. And if not for permanent use. But first things first:

  • Start setting device;
  • Navigate to ” Key “;
  • Select the tab ” Limits “;
  • Ask password security;
  • “Hide” the required application with the help of sliders;
  • Use the category “for filtering Internet content age requirement “;
  • Limit the use of software (specify age groups);
  • Enter the allowed websites.

As you can see, a built-in functionality to limit the iPhone / iPad usage is quite rich and, moreover, it is easy to configure. So you do not have to worry about the excessive use of the gadget to your child. The main thing to get once and customize.