Are you interested in ancient civilizations? Which one you consider most interesting? They are Assyrians, Hittites, Celts or Parti? Yes, each has something that fascinates us today and interesuje. Master of History has already given several ancient nations, but we are still far from exhausted all. Today we will deal with our cycle of ancient inhabitants of Asia Minor, which were Lydia.


Basic characteristic

Lydia kingdom was located in western Anatolia, that is, in present-day Turkey. The oldest sources testifying to its existence from the 7th century BC. The capital of this country have been Sardis, located in the center. In antiquity, the country was known through the river Pactolus, which mined gold, but also the wealth of the last king Krézea. Moreover, Lydia were known inventors of gold and silver coins. Herodotus considered them descendants of the Etruscans, who have been in čulom trade. Today, we know that it was not, but the languages of the two nations are similar.Image result for Most mysterious places of the planet part 4.READ MORE:  Is there another world lurking beyond Neptune? Strange orbit of new minor planet hints at mysterious object in the outer reaches of our solar system