Prospective secret weapon of Governments, which was silent story


The most modern weapons is always a mystery. Everything that gets in the press – just the little things that are unlikely to play a major role in this world-class conflict. Only now, after a few decades after the Cold War, our governments declassified several projects, each of which could have destroyed the entire known world. I wonder what there is now in the bins of our homeland? 

flying platform

This development Hiller Helicopters could well turn the modern tactics of warfare: the cabin, designed for a single person was able to climb very high – what you need for a sniper. Just imagine a dozen soldiers, well disguised straight into the sky, where they simply can not see the enemy. The demoralizing attack could well accelerate any superior enemy forces – that’s just the cost of one such platform was too high for mass production.

Stealth helicopter

Model RAH-66 Comanche was to be the main helicopter of the XXI century. The latest technology allows the car to remain virtually invisible to enemy radar, however, too high costs summed up this project. Nevertheless, in 2011 the Navy SEAL raid on the base unit of Osama bin Laden has been made on such helicopters. So, apparently, a similar technique is present, at least in the US Special Forces.

Pyrotechnic Pistol

The new word in the personal arsenal: rockets firing gun could replace any machines, thanks to the design of reliability, high rate of fire and increased destructive power. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), scientists have not been able to solve other actual problems. Rocket of this instrument does not have time to get up to speed when shooting at close range – and thus makes Rocket practically useless.

brilliant pebbles

It is strange that this project remained in the number of not realized. During the Cold War, the US government was considering the idea of launching into space more than 4 000 thousand miniature satellites that could monitor the launch of a ballistic nuclear warhead anywhere in the world. And not only control: each of the satellites could attack launched missile and at least knock it on the target – and then destroy all. It does not need anything supernatural to implement the project – all the more surprising that it was only part of the story.


It looks like a weapon of some sort of video game, but the XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon – a completely real prototype, which is able to shoot manageable 5.56-mm bullets and programmable explosive 20mm shells. A platoon of soldiers, armed with machine guns such could compete even with a tank battalion because the men who can program the fuses of projectiles at a specific target, not necessarily appear in the eyes of the enemy. However, the US Senate found the cost too high for an XM29 personal weapon – the project, at least officially closed.