The Italian bureau Pininfarina, which more than 60 years dare to make any changes to the impeccable form of Ferrari cars, has acquired a new hobby – the production of unique luxury bicycles. Their latest creation Fuoriserie in the best traditions of the elite car industry is limited to 30 pieces and gives the impression of a “time bike,” so closely intertwined with it are the design of the 1930s and the technical equipment of the 2000s.

High-quality chrome steel, which is the basis of the frame, is decorated with walnut inserts, and wicker leather, similar to the one used in Lancia cars about 80 years ago, was worn on the upholstery of the steering wheel and saddle.

The same as in the 21st century reminds of the Bike + system, and simply – a miniature electric motor in the rear axle, which will help to save forces during the climb uphill.

The headlight and taillights use special high-performance lamps.

The headlight and taillights use individual high-performance lamps.

This experiments with electricity do not end because the wheels also have built-in dynamo machines that can charge mobile biker devices during the trip.

It is worth every copy of Pininfarina Fuoriserie Bike as a professional bike Tour de France, but collectors consider these 9-odd thousand dollars a profitable investment of funds.