(PHOTO + VIDEO) Real flying penthouse: One hour in the luxurious aircraft in the world seems 23.000 euros- look at what has


While it may seem like just another commercial jet, but if you look a little better, it is clear that “Boeing 787 Drimlajner” is anything but usual aircraft. His luxury can podzavidat and world bogadashi presidents.

Called “VVIP” because of his ekskluzvitet, this plane is officially the largest private jet costing 270 million euros.

For those who want to experience the magic of flight at this luxury, you have to rent aircraft order, because it is not possible to rent just one place. And to rent just one hour, I had to stand over 23,000 euros, which means that a flight from London to New York will cost at least 188,000 euros.

While the standard Boeing 787 with its 2,400 square meters can carry about 330 passengers, the luxury of this aircraft can enjoy at least 30 people at a time.

Drimlajnerot has enlarged windows for a better view of passengers, as well as 18 luxury beds and the main lounge for meetings or parties. In addition there are large marble bathrooms, with details of shrub tree.

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Facilities for passengers are separated from the resident premises staff and the whole luxury enable US airline “Kestrel Aviation Management”, writes Delji mail.