Op-Ed: Russia And China Are Really Worried About American Missile Defense


With the North Korean nuclear threat ramping up to dangerous levels, thanks to the incompetence and can-kicking of the last few presidential administrations, President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis are deploying resources to meet the missile threat from Kim Jong-un’s regime. The THAAD missile system has been deployed in South Korea, to the consternation of the new Korean president, and Aegis cruisers are stationed in the kill zone for a Republic of North Korean missile launch that the U.S. would deem a threat.Image result for thaad missile system

Kim Jong-un’s military is obviously watching the American military buildup and deployment of certain capabilities very closely. So are Russia and China. The successful test shoot down of an ICBM by U.S. missile defense units last week was a prominent case in point.

The Kremlin has been scared of U.S. missile defense for decades. Ronald Reagan saw to that. The Strategic Defense Initiative, or SDI, which the Left disrespected also for decades, is not coming on line in a highly effective way. If the Left had their way, America would not be defenseless. Ronald Reagan is saving the world once again, even from his grave. Somewhere, he must be smiling.

The Soviet Union new they could not win an arms race in this sphere with America. Once could make an argument SDI is what destroyed the Evil Empire. This is still the case today.

Russia and China are really worried about missile defense Take the recently stood-up NATO sites in Poland and Romania, the Kremlin has made a fuss over this Western capability for years, even getting Obama to shut them down early in his presidency.

China is really worried about the THAAD deployment on the Korean Peninsula. They realize, this will be effective against Chinese missiles as well.Image result for thaad missile systemRelated image

The Obama administration succeeded in its goal to weaken American power around the globe. This is why you have seen so many rogue nations gain power within a few short years and make the world a much more dangerous place.

America must push forward with our defensive systems and deploy them aggressively. There will be many dangerous regimes with nuclear weapons in a few short years, once again thanks to Obama. Iran and North Korea immediately come to mind.

Protecting American cities must be an presidential and Congressional imperative. This is an area we can leave the rogue regimes behind and restore American power and deterrence. Russia and China will of course develop weapons to counter these system; that is why we must stay ahead of the game and start funding massive research in the area immediately.

Russia announced today it successfully tested a hypersonic missile, a technology that analysts say could make American defenses obsolete. With laser technology and other Star Wars initiatives that have been percolating in America laboratories for decades, I doubt this is the case.

American deterrence and defense is moving into a new critical stage as our adversaries grow bolder and more capable. We face existential threats. We need to stay ahead of the conversation no matter how much Russia and China get upset about it.