North Korea warned the United States that it is ready for nuclear attack


North Korea warned the United States against “provocative actions” in the region, saying it was ready to retaliate with nuclear strikes.

– We are prepared to all-out war to respond with the same measure. We are ready to respond to nuclear attacks in our own style, said the North Korean military official said Cho Hee-Rjong.

At a moment when North Korea today celebrates the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder Kim Il-sung, Western officials fear that the current leader Kim Jong-un could perform a new nuclear test.

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Army North Korea threatened yesterday that “relentlessly will devastate the US” if they decide to attack the country.

Earlier, American television CNN BBC News, citing US intelligence sources, said the US was ready to commit emptive attack with conventional weapons against North Korea if we had another nuclear test. The Pentagon declined to comment on the allegations on television.