Nintendo sold 2.4 million consoles Switch

Analysts say that the results exceeded the expectations of Nintendo. This means the company has a chance to regain the trust of investors.


It is estimated SuperData analyst firm and a half months since the start of sales managed to sell 2.4 million Nintendo Switch worldwide. Experts have issued a fresh outlook on the new product, noting that sales of the console have surpassed expectations.

Switch to a good start and led analysts to increase its long-term forecast for the console. Now experts expect sales SuperData Switch at 7.2 million units by year’s end. Previously, analysts have voiced a more modest results – within 5 million consoles.

Nintendo indicators exceed expectations, which at the moment means that the company is on the path of revival of confidence on the part of investors “, – says head of SuperData Dzhust Van Dren. “The list of upcoming releases for Switch platform also looks impressive, and we expect that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 2 Splatoon be able to show good results in the summer”, – he added.

For those who are waiting for the official figures from Nintendo, Gmbox recalls that the company is preparing a report for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2017 The report is due out next week. It is expected that representatives of the legendary Japanese developer Share Results Sales Switch, as well as their expectations for the console.

Previously, other research agency NPD also shared its information on hybrid console Nintendo Switch sales. As it turned out, Switch was the fastest-selling console in the company’s history.

Gmbox wrote that investors are seriously underestimated Switch the Nintendo . Ever since Nintendo gave the world the Pokemon the Go , regenerated old franchise and released Switch, the company’s shares are subject to a dizzying jumps. During the year, Nintendo valuable paper jumped by as much as 74%, but in the end stuck in the range of $ 25 to $ 36 apiece, since July 2016 Jefferies analysts still recommend buying shares of Nintendo, noting $ 43 as a target.

This suggests that Nintendo shares have the potential to grow in value by 46%. Interestingly, in October 2016 and in January of this year when Nintendo disclose information about Switch, the market reacted to this sluggish shares lost in price of 12-15% in these months. Now, Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal says that on Wall Street got it all wrong. Revision of the forecasts from respected analyst firms in the positive direction only confirm his words.

As a result, buyers are now willing to pay twice, referring to the dealers, just to get a welcome novelty. And this despite the fact that Nintendo is making every effort to Switch did not end at official retailers. Its success was much greater than expected by experts among gamers. “Such conduct on the market of the video game console could be expected during the holiday season when everyone give gifts, but not in March,” – says Goyal.

In addition, Citigroup analysts also believe that in the future the Japanese company may release a smaller version of its new console. Yet it succinctly dubbed Switch Mini. The children are considered as a target audience for such a system. It is assumed that it will be smaller and lighter than its predecessor, which will improve the ergonomics for young gamers.