The mummy found in Peru belongs to the reptilian type


Kinematohrafisty participating in the study of mummies found in Peru alien report further details that in recent days, scientists have found.
As one of the Peruvian physicians who conducted the X-ray scanning of a mummy, it’s a nonhuman essence, is likely to be a reptilian type. This is well illustrated, for example, by the following facts: the presence of a particular structure of the ribs, as well as the presence of mummified eggs in the cavity of the body. Attracts attention and many implants in the body of the alien. A carbon test by the official scientific representative at the University of Cusco Thierry Jamina has shown that this mummy has more than a thousand years …
Official statement scientist with the academic education that we have a mummy alien and is – humanoid, reptile, and the statement made before a video camera and in the presence of many journalists and other equally reputable researchers (anthropologists, biologists, archaeologists), said that we live in an interesting time – a transitional period. We are on the verge of a grand transformation on Earth, when many secrets of the past gradually begin to open, which gives hope for the further development and perfection of the man himself and mankind as a whole.

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