Mourinho: Real Madrid scored from offside, if that was not the situation, another would be the course of the match!


The Portuguese strategist from the English Premier League did not spare the criticism of the dubious goal for Kings’ lead.

Real Madrid celebrated with 2-1 over Manchester United in the European Super Cup, which was played in Skopje on the “Philip II” arena.

After the match, Jose Mourinho said that Real Madrid’s goal for 1-0 lead (Cassemiro) was irregular and pointed out that he was scored after the offside, if that did not happen, a completely different one would be the course of the match.

“At half-time, we received a goal from offside, if it was not recognized it would be 0-0 and we would talk about another match. Our opponent was a superior team, which has big players in the middle of the field, playing well. I’m happy with the game and many other things, we do not have Premier League such a Real Madrid, we may have other quality teams, but different ones, “Mourinho said.

“Real Madrid is unrivaled, there are no others like them, like Modric, Kros, Isku, and Kasemiro, so they are very good and moving the ball and it’s very difficult, in the second half we found the game, we played soccer what they want , I’m happy as we played in the second half, we had a 2-1 chance through Rashford, we struggled to the last whistle. It’s good, as I always say, the Champions League is one and the Europa League is different. The winner in the Champions League has a different potential. To be here we must have positive impressions and start the Premier League with positive vibrations. Maybe we will get Real Madrid again in the Champions League, “added the Portuguese strategist.

“This Super Cup was the best experience for us. Lucaku had a hard time playing against a dominating team, he tried, missed a clear chance, but struck, struggled with two great stoppers, fit well into a great group of players. Matic played great, in the moments when they moved the ball was more difficult, but in our moments he was good especially in the second half when we dominated, we wanted him to control the game, he is a player with a lot of experience, “said the head of the professional headquarters Of Manchester United.

“We can play 3-5-2, we can and with four behind, we worked in the pre-season, Real Madrid when they gave the first goal from the offside, then they were much more superior, it was their best period of the match, then Kasemiro gave the goal. They reached goal when they deserved, then they dominated the most. The goal was a consequence of their good game, but was offside. Sometimes when I win I do not keep the medals, but imagine when I’m losing. I wanted to give it to a child who will remember the moment. I saw the kid in a Manchester shirt and I do not know where he is from, but it will mean to him, “the Portuguese revealed at the press conference after the match.