Mental Soviet Cold War Experimental Off-Road Vehicles – 39 Wacky Photos


The Soviet automobile industry could have been considered as conservative in the 1950s/60s, at least in the civilian sphere. On the other hand, military vehicles made in USSR back then were at the beginning of a new stage to put it simply. It was the dawn of many successful, or not, prototypes.

The race with the United States for world domination had just started and the finest engineers on both sides had to perform their best. There were no rules. They started from pure ideas and originality through old and tested designs to offhand steals. Literally, no holds barred.

Off-Road VehiclesPhoto Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, 157 prototype in 1956.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, vehicle ZIS-E134 Model number 3 in 1956.

Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, tests of ZIS-E134.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, off-road vehicle based on ZIL-157 – ZIL-157R.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, vehicle ZIL-157R on six arched tires.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, vehicle ZIL-136 in 1957.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, with a monocoque body and frameless arched tires.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, original BTR-E152V.The three-axle 2.5-tonne truck ZIL-132 cab from the ZIL-131. 1960. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, three-axle 2.5-tonne truck ZIL-132 with cab from the ZIL-131. 1960. Option triaxial-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 arched tires. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, triaxial-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 with arched tires.ZIL-132 with automatic transmission and 24-inch tires. 1961. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, with automatic transmission and 24-inch tires in 1961.Experienced four-ton amphibious vehicle ZIL-132P. 1969. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, 4-tonne amphibious ZIL-132P. 1969.Rear view of the displacement body and an aluminum body. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, from the rear of the same vehicle.The unusual form of amphibious ZIL-132P with skim tent (from the archive of the author). Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, unusual form of amphibious ZIL-132P without the tent.Test 180-strong car amphibious ZIL-132P on the Moscow River. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, of amphibian ZIL-132P on the Moscow River.The first application of gas turbine auxiliary power unit. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, first use of gas turbine APU on the ZIL-132P.Five-ton prototype cabover truck-tractor ZIL-132R. 1974. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, prototype truck-tractor ZIL-132R in 1974.Turn the vehicle ZIL-132R with extreme steering wheels. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, flatbed truck ZIL-132R on rough terrain. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, of ZIL-132R truck on a very rough terrain.Experienced multi-purpose three-axle truck tractor ZIL-132RV. 1976. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, multirole three-axle truck tractor ZIL-132RV in 1976.Five-axis trailer with dimensions and weight layout of the transport car. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, version of ZIL-132RV.Under the wide hood of the truck KrAZ-E260E placed the gas turbine. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, truck with a gas turbine.The two-stage gas turbine plant GAZ-99D capacity of 350 liters. from. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, two-stage gas turbine plant GAZ-99D capacity of 350 liters.Test pilot turbine truck KrAZ-E260E. 1974. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, of a KrAZ-E260E in 1974.The second option KrAZ-2E260 with 360-strong gas turbine. 1976. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, second version of a KrAZ-2E260 with 360 hp gas turbine in 1976.ATV-3 on chassis Moskvich-415 with pneumatic tracks. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, on chassis of Moskvich-415 with pneumatic tracks.Half-track machine-3 boosts the water obstacle. 1962. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, S-3 during the water trials in 1962.US C-SUV 3MU pneumatic tracks on the model C-3M. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, with pneumatic tracks on the model C-3M.Option C-3MU based on GAZ-69M with trucking pnevmogusenitsami. 1968. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, version of C-3MU based on GAZ-69M with the same pneumatic tracks. 1968.Revolutionary propulsion with numerous pneumatic Tracians. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, view of pneumatic tracks. With ATV-3MU two hingeless pnevmotrakovymi tracks. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, view of a C-3MU with a pair of pneumatic tracks.Easy tractor US-044E four pnevmokatkah. 1959. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, truck on four tire rollers in 1959.Breadboard terrain vehicle ZIL-132C on four pneumatic rollers. 1964. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, vehicle ZIL-132C on four pneumatic rollers in 1964.The car ZIL-132C on a shortened chassis ZIL-157K Cab ZIL-164. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, on a shortened chassis ZIL-157K with a cabin of ZIL-164.The hard way unpretentious and fragile machine on the road. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, one can reach 55 km/h, but was unstable and difficult in terms of drive-control.Experienced board vosmikatkovy conveyor US ET-8. 1961. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, off-road vehicle NAMI ET-8 in 1961.Tests conveyor ET-8 - the first public appearance of the machine in the "Driving" magazine. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, of ET-8 and its first public appearance in press.Upgraded rover US-094 to the national economy. 1963. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, multirole NAMI-094 with more powerful diesel engine YaMZ-238 in 1963.