Melanie Trump, the first lady of the United States, came to work in the United States as a fashion model and met with President Donald Trump. That’s well-known. But the discovery that she had obtained a permanent residence permit as an “immigrant with extraordinary abilities,” known as the Einstein Visa, brushed the US citizens.

“The Washington Post” announced the full news over the scandal yesterday after several media speculated on a topic that stirred up the American and world public, given Trump’s strict and uncompromising anti-immigration policy.

The Visa EB-1 is envisaged for migrants who are successful and enjoy a “lasting national or international prestige” in their field, regardless of whether they are businessmen, award-winning artists or athletes awarded medals.

In the official biography of Melanie Trump published on the White House website, the first lady “put things on hold.”

How rarely is this type of visa issued and what are the specifications for its obtaining shows the fact that in 2001, when it received Melanija, only 0.34% of immigrants who received a green card, that is, a permanent residence permit, received “Einstein’s visa.”

This is not the first visa she received from Melania – after she came to the United States with a tourist visa, she received several HB-1 visas for highly skilled migrants, then met Trump and two years later she received EB-1.

That’s not all. Her parents moved to the United States and received a green card precisely thanks to Melanie and her “Einstein Visa” – by “lancet migration,” the same one that Trump is today most strongly opposed to.

Melanie’s lawyer claims the first lady is “more qualified than” for the EB-1 visa, but as expected, many social network users have not agreed with him.