LOOK WHAT HAPPENED: Soros declared war on Trump EU awaits fate of the Soviet Union


Billionaire and one of the largest donors to the Democrats in the US George Soros opened his war on the new US president Donald Trump declaring him a deceiver and a potential dictator. In its annual column published na projesct-syndicate Soros attacking Trump and almost all his associates who have become part of the cabinet of the future president.

“Democracy is in crisis. Even the United States, the leading democracy in the world, elected President master of deception who became dictator. Although soften the tone after his election, he changed nothing in his behavior or his advisers. Cabinet is made up of ignorant extremists and retired generals, “wrote Soros.

He considers that democracy around the world will regress from a choice of Trump for president.

“In the near future the United States will deal very much with infighting and especially minorities will suffer. US will not be able to protect and to spread democracy in the world ”

In his commentary, Soros predicts that even in the name of the success of her administration Trump will sacrifice American principles and soften the tone to dictators abroad.

“This will allow some of them to come together with the US and other countries and continue managing without anyone to interfere. Trump wants to make arrangements rather than defend principles. Unfortunately, it is popular among his constituents, “analyze Soros.

Billionaire who is a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton openly attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin and predicted the disintegration of the European Union.

“I am particularly concerned about the fate of the EU, which is in danger of falling under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin with his concept of management, which can not be reconciled to this open society. Putin is not passive winner of recent events – he works hard for them to happen. He knows the weakness of the regime, can exploit the natural resources, but can not generate economic growth. She felt threatened by the “colored revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine and elsewhere and first tried to control social media, then a brilliant move to seize the business model of social networks to sow disinformation and false news, to disorient voters and to destabilize democracies. Here thus he helped choosing Trump, “writes Soros.

With outstanding economic growth and begalskata crisis Soros predicts EU and fate as the Soviet Union.

Donald Trump should take the presidency with inaugiracijata on 20 January.