Monday, March 19, 2018
Home Games Legendary game StarCraft can download free. Legally

Legendary game StarCraft can download free. Legally

You've heard about of StarCraft, we wanted to play, but did not want to spend money to buy a licensed copy? Your time has come!


Cult game 90 was free. Blizzard released a patch for a large-scale StarCraft: Brood War. With the updates for free and become the original game, and addition. Download the version for PC and Mac can be on the official website of StarCraft.

Cult strategy was released in 1998 and a few days ago was worth $ 10-15. Why the game was free right now?


For the summer 2017 planned release of StarCraft Remastered , an updated version of the famous sci-fi strategy. It will include the original game and the addition of StarCraft: Brood War in the modern processing. Schedule will be updated and the dialogues sound. Impeccably streamlined gameplay promise of Blizzard, will not change.

The update StarCraft graphics, dialogues and sound remained the same, but something still different. Patch 1.18 has improved compatibility with Windows and the Mac, added support for windowed mode, UTF-8 encoding, hotkeys. Also, there are spectator mode and auto-save replays and the ability to search popular cards.